The Kindness of People: My Community Park Extension

A short film touching on community, solidarity, and the neighbourhood, funded by SSHRC and organized by Brique par Brique and Concordia University's Raah Lab. The project showcases video diaries as oral histories, capturing the vibrant spirit of Parc Ex community amidst gentrification and neglect. Judy Wong's film highlights community activism. Download or watch it here:

Walking with Taien Ng-Chan

May 27, 2018 - From Park Extension to Town of Mount Royal and back again with Taien Ng-Chan. Taien invited me to visit her old neighborhood where she lived with her family before moving to Ontario. She noticed the changes along the way as we traced the walking commute between their home and her son’s elementary school. [Image/audio credit: Pohanna Pyne Feinberg]

Souvenirs de Parc-Extension durant les années 50 & 60

Crée par Lily Perreault & André Quesnel.

Park Extension Oral History Project

Park Extension Oral History Project

Length: 1 hour 7 min

License: Creative Commons (by-nc-nd)

Year of Production: 2010

Director: Joanne Penhale

Producer: Joanne Penhale

The Montreal borough of Park Extension - or Park Ex - has about 33,000 residents in 2 square kilometres of land and is bordered on all sides: rail lines on the east and south sides, a highway along the north end, and on the west side, a fence and six-lane boulevard which separates it from the wealthy neighbouring Town of Mont Royal. Most of Park Ex's residents are born outside of Canada. Various religious and cultural communities thrive in the neighbourhood, and at least a dozen languages are widely spoken.

In the spring of 2010, about 25 Park Exers shared stories and perspectives about life in the neighbourhood. The results are this 68-minute documentary, which touches on topics including what Park Ex used to be like, housing, new friendships, policing, religion, language, raising kids, access to public services, and more.

Winter greetings / Vœux d'hiver

Snowstorm in 1970 or 1971, in front of the Beaverbrook buildings on Saint-Roch St. in Park Extension. Photo posted by Joanne Trainor to the SHPEHS Facebook group, video created by James Trainor.

Bienvenue dans Parc-Extension

Une série de vidéos et de textes crées dans le cadre du centenaire de Parc-Extension en 2017, maintenant disponibles sur le site du Centre d'histoire de Montréal.