SPECTACLE  FESTIV'ART: review of Mai 17 show

Post date: May 19, 2013 2:1:53 AM

Friday night, May 17, FESTIV'ART  brought together four local youth (12 - 30 yrs) organizations in a big show in the William-Hingston auditorium. Lots of talent - good lighting - and a promise to make it an annual affair. It was also the launch of www.zonepx.com, "Un site web à ton image", to keep young people informed about events in the neighbourhood. There is also a Facebook page to share that information.

On stage, cheered on by bouncy emce Kenny Thomas, appeared 6 well-choreographed dance troupes (Visehaut, Koudy, Afro-Latine, AGD, Lucien-Pagé's K danse), slam/rapper Syphax Abane, beat-boxers Red Haze, two singers (Angela Tara Marie and TJTL, a lead singer/guitar with bass guitar, keyboard & drums). Polished guitar-singer Kinsha, apparently a local guy who has made it in the business, got a good hand too. This could become an annual event. A few posters would attract a wider audience in 2014.