RIP Dickie Moore (1931-2015)

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"Moore, the player, was like the Park Extension district in which he grew up: tough and relentless."

- Gazette sports columnist Red Fisher remembers his friend, Canadiens legend Dickie Moore.

Early days in Park Ex

"Our family built a rink right beside our house. We used to bring the firetruck in and they'd water the rink for us. All the kids in the area used to come and skate there. My brothers taught me to skate and taught me the game. [...] The leader of our family — you won't believe it — was my sister. Dolly was only 5'1" but what an athlete! She was a great catcher on the top ladies' baseball team. She played hockey. [...] She opened the door to get all my brothers try-outs with the Royals. When I became fifteen, I got a try-out with the Royals. My brother Jimmy was already playing there."

From the Hockey Hall of Fam's "One on One with Dickie Moore".

Here is a true gem from our Facebook group : member Jan McConnell's clipping from the early 40s of Richard ("Dickie") Moore with Dave Kerr, Henry Dubiel and the rest of the record-breaking Park Extension Royals. If you have first names and information about the players, please send it to us via the Contact Us page.

Early breakthroughs

The Society has several photos in its archives taken at the beginning of Dickie Moore's career when the Park Extension Amateur Athletic Association (PEAAA) gave him a reception at the old Legion Hall when he returned to Montreal shortly after winning the 1956 NHL goal scoring championship.

Here are three photos that tell the story of that night.

1. Dickie Moore being welcomed by fans at Windsor train station and taken up to the Flanders 63 Legion Hall for the reception:

2. Reception at the Legion with (L to R) city councillor Dan O’Hern, MP Alan MacNaughton, Bob Shepan, his father Charles Moore, Dickie Moore himself, his wife Joan Moore, René Clonett, Paul Jean & Don Edmundson:

3. Celebrating with the members of the PEAAA boys hockey team:

Always a gentleman

And here he is many years later, with members of the Flanders 63 branch of the Royal Canadian Legion in Park Extension. According to the members of the Flanders branch 63 Facebook group, to his left are Stan (?), Eddie Goldstein (in background), Ernie Tobin and Lloyd Murch:

Later years

A video interview with the great player from CJAD radio in 2013:

If you have other stories, photos or memories related to Dickie Moore, feel free to contact us to share them.

The Kid from Park Ex

Dickie Moore (#12)

To Park Ex Royals

Congratulations on your 40th anniversary

From an old Park Ex'er,

Dickie Moore

(photo courtesy of Sandra Lee Acheson)